Council Of Employers Organisation Of Albania

The voice of Albanian Employers Since 2000


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   KOPSH (former KOP)-Employer's Council of Organizations of Albania was created on 7
   November 2000 based on legal provisions of the Labor Code.
   KOPSH is a national confederation , with members federations representative of employers
   Some of the KOPSH federations are created immediately after the fall of communist
   Confederation KOPSH is the first representative of the Albanian employers in the ILO.
   Can mention the founding members of KOPSH as KONBIZ (1995) CONFINCOM (1995), UPSH 
   (1996), UPB (1996).
   These members and others created later have made KOPSH be the first Confederation of
   Albanian employers with a stable status
   KOPSH was created by the 6 federations and today we have 16 federations.
   From 16 federations, 12 are national
   Since 2001 KOPSH is the first member of the International Organisation of Employer-IOE, the
   only representative of the ILO.
   KOPSH has participated since 2001 in ongoing ILO International Labour Conference.
   KOPSH is the founding members of the Employer's Forum of South-Eastern Europe in the   
   framework of the Stability Pact (SEEEF).
   KOPSH is social partner since 1995
   KOPSH ( founding federations) participated in the Working Group (1995) they are co-author of
   the creation of the Labor Code.
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KOPSH - Council of Employers Organizations of Albania.
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